I've been having a bit of a thriller-fest: Tess Gerritsen and Karin Slaughter. They're both superb writers and provide interesting examples of how an author's canon develops.

More next time.
Welcome to my new website! I've just finished building two new websites for my husband and was so jealous of how gorgeous they looked that I had to build a new one for myself too. So, voila! Here it is!
I always start blogs with the best of intentions but then my entries sometimes slip away and the frequency drops from weekly to monthly. In advance, I'll offer my apologies and beg your forgiveness.
Although I do have one advantage with this blog. I can fill it with previous entries from my old blog when they seem relevant.
I'm currently working on a final edit of 'Fading Away'; writing chapters of 'Fans for Everything' and in a fit of familiar foolhardiness, I've started a young adult novel, 'Porsche Stirling and the Summer of the Witchery Tree'.
I love the title of the latter! Now, I just need to make sure the story matches the promise and wonder of the title. . . and, of course, I have to make sure I keep juggling all these pieces in the air, as well as looking after our wee boy and completing some paid work at the same time. Plus, did I mention I'm reading a draft of my friend's first novel too. Phew, no wonder I sometimes feel swamped!