I've been thinking about commitment.

Firstly my oldest friend has just got married. She's made the ultimate commitment you can make to another human being: to love, honour and cherish as long as they both shall live. Of course, it was a wonderful wedding with amazing food, great music, friendly guests and lots of dancing. A few weeks later, I was at a party and a guest was complaining that all her relatives expect her to get married soon as both her sisters are married already. But she was perturbed, 'all my sisters do is complain about how their husbands don't help them or are being grumpy. They used to save up for posh handbags and shoes. Now they're saving for chairs. Chairs?!' She shook her head in disgust.

It's funny that no matter how many books are written about marriage, there still remains a gap between our expectations and the reality. It started me wondering about how many novels accurately descibe that phase where reality sets in, when aspirational shoe-buying is replaced by a longing for chairs and, for most women, a longing for twenty minutes to sit undisturbed on said chair eating chocolate and watching trashy TV. . . or maybe that's just me!

My life hasn't just been about parties. I've also been working on some freelance contracts over the last few weeks from writing proposals to compiling press releases. It's great fun writing in different genres. I've always loved researching articles, and pulling information together into the correct format whether it be for a newspaper, website or book.

Journalism and public relations both involve researching, writing and deadlines. Skills needed for novel writing too. Yet, I must admit I'm much more likely to complete for a client than for myself. I'm trying to get better at this by making a daily commitment to myself and trying to keep it.So far, it's been a bit hit and miss but I'm hoping that one day . . . maybe I'll be able to honour commitments to myself as much as the ones I make to other people.
Welcome to my new website! I've just finished building two new websites for my husband and was so jealous of how gorgeous they looked that I had to build a new one for myself too. So, voila! Here it is!
I always start blogs with the best of intentions but then my entries sometimes slip away and the frequency drops from weekly to monthly. In advance, I'll offer my apologies and beg your forgiveness.
Although I do have one advantage with this blog. I can fill it with previous entries from my old blog when they seem relevant.
I'm currently working on a final edit of 'Fading Away'; writing chapters of 'Fans for Everything' and in a fit of familiar foolhardiness, I've started a young adult novel, 'Porsche Stirling and the Summer of the Witchery Tree'.
I love the title of the latter! Now, I just need to make sure the story matches the promise and wonder of the title. . . and, of course, I have to make sure I keep juggling all these pieces in the air, as well as looking after our wee boy and completing some paid work at the same time. Plus, did I mention I'm reading a draft of my friend's first novel too. Phew, no wonder I sometimes feel swamped!