I've finally joined the millions of people who have an e-reader. My lovely husband bought me a Kobo for Christmas. Thanks to a sneaky sales assistant and a rushed shopping spree, he thought he had bought me a Kindle. It may not be as popular as its cousin but I'm enjoying getting to know my padded, more discreet e-reader.
As someone who has always liked to be a bit quirky, it makes me smile that even my e-reader is the 'outsider'. My husband just worries we've opted for the Betamax rather than the VHS.
Meanwhile, swapping paper for screen has been much less traumatic than I expected. There are charts to show which books you've read! There are little notes showing the percentage left to read. For a gal who loves spreadsheets, figures and graphs as much as I do, these nifty tracking devices are a joy.
I'm not turning my back on print but the Kobo is like a cheeky sibling. It's brasher, quirkier, flashier but it still depends on the wit and warmth of words for its impact, and who could fail to love any medium that brings you more words?